Water Filtration Systems



There are many options on the market for water filtration systems. Depending on your specific needs and applications we recommend the following systems.


For a whole house filtration systems:  

A Pelican Water Filtration System is installed on the main water line going into your house and provides purified water by filtering out chlorine and chemicals in your water as well as eliminating the negative effects of hard water without the use of salt then the low maintenance.


○Great tasting coffee and tea

○Better than bottled water from every tap in your home

○Bacterial Static Media - inhibits bacterial growth

○Does NOT waste water

○Requires NO electricity

○Easy installation inside or outside to main water supply to your home

○No drain required

○90-day satisfaction guarantee

○5 year performance guarantee

○Limited Lifetime warranty on tank and parts

Click here to view a full list of contaminants.


For a kitchen sink filtration systems:  

Everpure water filtration system is installed underneath your kitchen sink and delivers healthful, great tasting water every time. Designed with the unique Micro-Pure® technology this system reduces the following contaminants:

○Lead to below the Federal Action Level of 15 ppb

○Cysts such as Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium parvum

○Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), including THMs

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