Kitchen Accesories

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Garbage Disposals: Range in sizes of horsepower, from 1/3 hp to 1hp. If you're grinding soft foods like vegetables and small table scraps, then 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower is fine. A higher horsepower (3/4 to 1hp) motor will provide you less jams, smoother operation and finer pulverization of the food waste and that means less clogged drain lines and less stress on the waste water system. 

Drain Flanges: Pictured above on the bottom left, this is the part of the drain you can see in the sink, they are available in most finishes to match your faucets.  

Soap Dispenser: If you dislike having a bottle of soap next to your sink, you can now have one installed on your sink. This easy to use soap dispenser allows you to refill the bottle simply and reduces the clutter on your sink.  

Instant Hot Water Dispenser: Pictured above on the top right, this convenient dispenser allows you to have instant hot water at a touch of a button. A heating tank is installed under the kitchen sink with a customizable spout in whatever finish you choose. You can also choose a dispenser with an additional cold water lever for filtered water as well.