Hot water line broken under the foundation.

Watch how we do it!


         A leak in the foundation can go undetected for quite some time,

 not only costing you money in unused water but also in damages...



       It is a good idea to keep track of your water consumption from month to month.

If you have noticed an increase in your bill this may be an indication of a leak under your foundation.

Our skilled technician will run several diagnostic tests to determine the source of this usage.


       Bobby's Plumbing, Inc. has over 21 years in line locating and leak detection on

commerical and residential properties.

We have highly trained service technicians that have been trained in non-invasive leak detection equiptment. Our ultrasonic leak detection equipment features six filters that allows the unit to screen outside noise and zero in on water leaks, accurately and in a very timely manner for our clients.

This will save them time, money, and most of all less property damage.

A properly trained Leak Detection Specialist may be required by insurance companies

       with most date of loss claims.

The process of finding a leak can be very difficult without the proper training, equiptment, and experience.

Below is just ONE of the many jobs where we were called into locate a leak after a failed attempt from a competitor.


Unfortunately, not only did this customer need to pay for our leak detection services, but also had to take time off from work for both the previous company as well as us, pay a drywaller to repair the unnecessary holes, and endure the aggrevation of the whole process.

We understand when choosing a company for your leak dectection that cost can be a concern.

We will make every effort to ensure we keep your cost as low as possible and keep you updated on the costs during the process, all while maintaing the smallest amout of damage possible.