Kitchen sinks are the most commonly used thing in our kitchens, and because of this, can be a source of many plumbing problems from clogging to leaking. There are several components under a sink where a leak can occur, be careful when putting things under the sink not to knock the pipes or any supply lines.


To prevent clogs

○ Avoid putting large, solid pieces of food into the drain or in the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are great for getting rid of scraps from your plates before washing them, but there are a few things you do not want to throw in them. Click here to view our page on disposal care, included on it is a list items that should not be put in your disposal.


○ Never put pasta in the drain as it will only further expand in the drain and cause a clog.


○ Make sure that you don’t pour fat, grease or oils down the drain. While they may go down as a liquid form they eventually solidify, which will build up and create a plug in the line causing your sink to start backing up!


○ Use chemical cleaners sparingly, especially if you have metal pipes. Some chemical cleaners can cause metal pipes to corrode. We never recommend using over the counter drain cleaners to unclog your drains. More often than none, these products only add to the existing clog.