Spray patterns: This is important because it's what determines the comfort level of your shower.  

For the most part spray patterns vary from the most common full-body shower spray to the slightly more intense massage-style spray, which shoots pulsating jets of water, to a combination of the two. Some showerheads come with a range of spray options, so make sure to check to see if it has a spray-adjusting handle/function.



Water volume: The volume of water depends, of course, highly on the showerhead. For the average household, a normal single-head shower uses at most 2.5 gallons of water 'per minute'. However, this is based on the size of your pipes. If you are concerned about conserving water, a low-flow showerhead will reduce the amount of water used with each shower, in turn reducing your water bill.  


Shower heads now come in a large variety of styles. Because there is no need to change the hardware in the wall this is an easy update to your shower.



Types: Showerheads come in two forms: fixed/mounted and hand showers. There is the common, wall-mounted showerhead or a hand shower. These come in a variety of choices from  

your standard showerheads all the way up to luxurious rainheads. Handheld showers can be set in a cradle that allows it to act like a fixed shower head, and it also offers added versatility and flexible movement, which makes cleaning the bathtub and pets much easier.