Here are a few options when considering your new kitchen sink faucet

Not all faucet applications work with every sink, so it's important to make sure the faucet you choose will fit your sink or countertop. Keep in mind as everything in life, you get what you have paid for. Faucets can be purchased from box stores at a discounted price, however they are made with plastic insides which do not stand the test of time. All of our fixtures are made of brass bodies / parts, not plastic and cannot be found at retail stores.


○  How many holes are in your sink / countertop? If your current faucet has a base plate now, you most likely have 3

   holes drilled underneath.

       • Single hole-  Options include a faucet that mounts as seen above, which if available, will have optional base plate.

       • Multiple holes- Options include faucets that will have the spout, handle and sprayer / soap dispenser all

         separated or a faucet that mounts like a single hole however a base plate is required to cover unused holes.

         Holes not used by the faucet can give you opportunity to add a soap dispenser or just be covered with a cap to

         match the sink.

○  Do you want a built in pullout sprayer on the faucet or off to the side?

      • The newest innovation for kitchen faucets is now an integrated sprayer

      • As mentioned above, if you would like to have a sprayer that is set to the side you will need to have a hole for it.

○  What handle configuration would you like?

      • Kitchen sink faucets come with a variety of handle options such as, single handle, two handles or a single handle

        located on the side of the faucet's base.

○  What finish do you want your faucet in?

      • All manufacturers have a variety of finishes available for their fixtures to choose from. Each company varies with

        the finish colors to offer.