Pedestal sinks- A pedestal sink is great for smaller bathrooms such as a half bath that may seem crowded if you were to have a vanity. Pedestal sinks come in many styles, from old-fashioned to sleek and modern. But while a pedestal sink may make a small bathroom seem more open, you lose storage space beneath the sink and counter space above. 


Top mounts- Also called drop-in, these sinks are lowered into the counter, with the lip overlapping the countertop. This type of application will work with any countertop material and are relatively simple to install, so they're a good choice for a tight budget. 


Under mounts- Rather than being lowered onto the counter, under-mounted models are raised into place from below. Faucets are installed in the countertop or mounted on the wall. Under-mounted sinks provide a sleek look and are easier to clean, because they sit slightly below the surface of the counter, you can wipe water from the countertop directly into the sink. Also, there's no lip or crevice to catch dirt. Under-mounted sinks are more expensive to buy and install. Under-mounted sinks can only be installed on certain countertops.  


Vessel sinks- These above-mount models, the latest style option, rest on top of the counter.They are available in a variety of material options such as glass, stainless steel, porcelain, copper, and many natural stones. Make sure when considering this type of sink you choose a faucet that extends well over the sink or mounted in the wall.  

Here are a few options when considering your new bathroom sink