Not all faucet types work with every sink, so it's important to make sure the faucet you choose will fit your sink or countertop. Standard faucet drillings are widespread, center-set or single-hole. Keep in mind as everything in life, you get what you have paid for. Faucets can be purchased from box stores at a discounted price, however they are made with plastic insides which do not stand the test of time. All of our fixtures are made of brass bodies, not plastic.


○  How many holes are in your sink / countertop?

○  What handle configuration do you want?

○  Once the old faucet is removed what is the distance between the two outer holes?

○  What finish do you want your faucet in?


Widespread Faucets: Have a spout with separate hot and cold handles. All pieces are separate. Widespread faucets are available 8” spread, meaning the measurement from the center of one hole to the middle where the spout is.  

Center-set Faucets or Mini-widespread: They're made for 4’’ predrilled with 3-hole installation basins. They combine a spout and valves on a single base unit. Center-set faucets may have a single-handle mixing lever or two handles mounted onto a 6-in plate. 

Single Hole Faucets: Have a single handle mixing lever or two handles. Some single hole faucets have an optional cover plate for predrilled 4”-drill installations. 

Wall-mounted Faucets: They're available for above the counter and freestanding basins that require a long spout for extended reach. They won't work with basins that have predrilled holes. Wall-mounted faucets require a separate wall-mounted valve and drain for installation. Make sure the spout is long enough for adequate basin clearance. Check that the sink is deep enough to prevent water splashing on your floor or countertops. 






Things to consider when purchasing your new bathroom faucet